The User has to specify the address and details of the person who will collect the shipment at the time of purchase. At the time of placing the order, the User has to state full name of the recipient as stated in his / her government approved photo identification.

At the point of delivery, the recipient, to collect the physical product, may have to provide any one of the following governments approved photo identification card.

  • AADHAR CARD (should be issued in the name of the User / recipient in the case of a gift);Driver’s License;
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) card;
  • Voters Identification card;
  • Passport; or
  • Aadhar Card
  • The courier agent may require to verify the photo ID and name of the recipient while delivering the jewelry.
  • The courier agent may also note down the details of the government photo identification.

The recipient of the package must cooperate with the courier agent in providing the required and valid copies of his / her government approved photo identification, etc.

All shipping charges and other local charges shall be borne by the User.

Recipient accepting delivery should not accept deliveries where the box or packaging has been tampered with or if the box is empty.

If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, the courier company would try and deliver the item a couple of times before returning the same to CJM. In such an event, the order would be treated as cancelled. All costs for re-shipmentand handling in the case of non-delivery to the User shall be chargeable to the User.

Delivery guarantee is subject to terms and conditions of the courier company. Any inconsistency in name or address will result in non-delivery of the product.

For International buyers, orders are shipped and delivered through registered international courier companies and/or international speed post only. For domestic buyers, orders are shipped through registered domestic courier companies and /or speed post and/ or insured registered post only.

CJM is not liable for any delay in delivery by the courier company / postal authorities and only guarantees to hand over the consignment to the courier company or postal authorities.

CJM is in no way responsible for any damage to the product while in transit to the recipient.

In the event that a non-delivery occurs on account of a mistake by you (i.e., wrong name or address or any other. We may contact you for additional information if required. After your order is shipped, you may obtain a courier tracking number by logging in and checking the Order Info. Postal / Courier tracking number (if any).Any extra cost incurred by CJM for redelivery shall be payable by you.

Change in Delivery Address

If the product ordered is not dispatched, customer can change the delivery address by writing to by calling our customer care team at +91 90949 49465.